Our Mission

To form a cohesive relationship that will empower and implore you to gain inner peace and happiness.

Throughout life, we are often faced with many challenges that can lead us to question our ability to perservere. Daily we encounter speed bumps, dreary weather and detour signs that cause us to swerve on life's highway. When life's highway becomes hectic, it is imperative to have a dedicated and determined passenger to guide you safely to your destination. Allow Perseverance Counseling Services to be your passenger.

The Founder

Ron Sanders has served in the mental health and counseling field for more than 15 years.

Ron began working with children at parks and recreation centers in his hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. While in college, he assisted children with learning disabilities through after-school programs. 

His expertise also includes working with patients that have chronic illnesses and substance abuse disorders in correctional facilities and hospital settings. 

He also provides in-home counseling to adults and children He has also worked with the Department of Children and Family Services to reunite families.  

Ron received his bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and masters degree in Political Science from Florida A&M University. Ron also received a masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Georgia State University.

He believes that stability begins with inner peace.